"AWOL sucks"

Project SimLink 2.0

First skin up is the lovely Pathy.

Her skin is about 95% finished. I did a version she was very happy with, and then it was accidently deleted

This is the second version which I've made as close to the first one as possible. It's pending her approval and tweaking before it can be called done.

Then we have everyone's favorit "silly fat bastard" CrazyPixie.

His skin is just something I've thrown together using a single (unflattering) picture. When I get more closeup shots of his face, I can make more proggress on it. Call it 10% done.

Next up is the only person who wanted to name his kid "Version 2.0" Neott.

Neott's skin is 100% finished. I only need to sort out his clothes and a few other things. Neott is probably going to be the guy who's always happy and giving people thumbs up.

You will notice piecIck is no longer on this page, it's because Icepick didn't get the joke and asked me to remove it.

And now I have finally been able to work on the Introversion team skins. These were made using the Darwinia release party pictures and they were not of the best quality so I've done my best.

First IV member get simmed is the all mighty Chris.

And next is Tom